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Titre: التغيير التنظيمي و أثره على أداء العاملين
Auteur(s): بلقرع, فاطمة
Mots-clés: التغيير التنظيمي
أداء العاملين
Date de publication: 2011
Référence bibliographique: علوم التسيير
Collection/Numéro: 2010/2011;
Résumé: The process of change is accelerating in ou contemporary life like a raging waves, some people responded to these waves and was wave, benefit from its strength and taking advantage of change. To day there is a common feature among all institutions, which is the need in a political and economical environments that are changing continuously – to engage. So the organisational process has become in evitable. Administration and realse of change become of the most promimnet tehmes of modern management. The organisational change is well planned and concerns many aspects of the institution, such as workers behavious, make the amendement in the goals and policies, may also include cultural technological and organizational aspects, to comply with internal and external environment requirements. Its seeks to achieve many accept the organization change and develop it,remain mential or many resist for sveral reasons, considering the relationship between the organization change and the resistance to it, esch nstitution has to reduce this reaction by the appropriate means and methods.
No publ. gouv.: G21011
Collection(s) :Département des Sciences de Gestion (Mag)

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