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Titre: العلاقة بين سعر الصرف و سعر الفائدة و أثرهما على ميزان المدفوعات دراسة حالة الجزائر 1994-2014
Auteur(s): بعياي, رابح
Mots-clés: سعر الصرف
ميزان المدفوعات
Date de publication: 2017
Référence bibliographique: علوم التسيير
Collection/Numéro: 2016/2017;
Résumé: in the formulation of the country’s economic policies. Like other indicators, it is subject to changes in its assets due to the effects of several factors that have a direct impact on the internal and external exchange. Therefore, countries try to regulate their balance of payments to adopt a set of economic policies, using the interest rate and exchange rate policy, the latter have a reciprocal relationship that affects the various balance of payemants balances, especialy the trade balance, which is closely linked to the exchange rate, and given the importance of the subject and highlighting the impact of each price, we attempted to build a standard model that simulates the relationship between the dependent variable of the balance of payements and the independent variables of the exchange rate and the interest rate in Algeria for the period 1994-2014. However, due to Algeria’s heavy reliance on fuel for its exports, the impact of the tow variables on the balance o
No publ. gouv.: G2173
Collection(s) :Département des Sciences de Gestion (Mag)

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