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AperçuDate de publicationTitreAuteur(s)
2020Investigating Students’ and Teachers’ Attitudes and Perceptions toward the Implementation of Project-Based Learning in EFL Speaking Class: The Case study of Second year LMD students of English at Yahia Fares University of MedeaYasmine, BENKALI; Wissem, RAMOUL
2020A Discursive Psychology-Based Approach to Exploring the Psychological Dispositions Lying Behind Females’ Higher Speech IntelligibilitAmira, OUMOUNA,; Kaouther, ZERKAOUI
2020The Importance of Using Language Games in Teaching/Learning Vocabulary for EFL Middle School Learners in AlgeriaMohamed, Abdelhak Kherroubi; Kheir eddine, Debdabi; Afifi, Younes
2020Teachers’ Attitudes towards the Use of First Language in EFL Classroom A Case Study of First Year Middle School Pupils at Ould Chamakdji Mohamed Achour SchoolSelma, Ettahri
2020The Role of Communicative Games in Enhancing EFL Learners' Oral Communicative Competence. Students of Almaahed Language School as a Case StudyNesrine, BENSABER; Akila, TOUATI
2020Semiotic approach to multimodal discourse analysis on algerian political caricatures;context of" HARAK"Amel, Benkhaled; Sarah, Mazighi; Souad, Melouah
2020Socio-cultural Representation of Women in Proverbs Case of MedeaNachida, BABCHIKH
2020the Translation of Children's Literature A case study of Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireHiba, BOUDHOUKARA; , LAMIMeriem
2020Exploring the Influence of Using Audio-visual Aids to Enhance Students Vocabulary:Soumia, ALLOUACHE