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AperçuDate de publicationTitreAuteur(s)
2019-06-06The impact of the competency based approach on pupils'motivationAhlem, SOUALHI; Rania, BOUDRIES; Nadjet, HAROUN
2019-06-06Implementation of total physical response method in teaching English LanguageMohamed Amine, Benkhaoua; Mossa Amina, Bouchakour
2019-06-06Analysis of translation errors following the Markedeness frame in students' performance of translalation of English Conditional typesFatma Zohra, BENALLEL; Soumia, IRKI
2019-06-06A Study on extensive reading as an effective for developing EFL learner's vocabulary growthSabrina, FAHCI; Sara, BOUCHERIT
2019-06-06Exoloring students' perceptions of autonomous learning from vygotskian social constructivism perspectiveSiham, GHOUALI; Ismail, TRIGUE; Amal, HAMDADOU
2019Comparative effect of using cooperative and competitive learning on the academic achievement of introvert and extrovert EFL learnersAbdel Karim, BENAHMEDI; Sarah, AMROUCHE
2019The effect of cooperative language learning on English as a foreign language learners' Writing skill enhancementHanane, GASMI; Manel, TCHIKOU
2019Algerian Arabic English and French code-switching among first year forgeing languagesLoubna, AHMED MESSAOUD; Kahramana, GUIT
2019A discursive approach of grammatical and lexical cohesion in students' writingDalal, SEFRA; Fatma, GHERRAF
2019The impact of PQRST strategy on EFL learners' reading comprehension: The case of second year English students at Medea UniversitySafia, ZAHRAOUI; Meriem, BARA