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Titre: Learning Foreign Languages in Algeria, Learners’ Needs, Wants, and Methods
Autre(s) titre(s): A Thesis Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of MASTER IN Applied linguisitics
Auteur(s): Ouahiba, MOUSSAOUI
, ATTABImene
Mots-clés: helps people
Learning Foreign
Date de publication: 2022
Référence bibliographique: Linguistics
Collection/Numéro: MME.114;
Résumé: Learning foreign languages helps people to keep pace with the development of science and technology and facilitates communication between different nations around the world. This study investigates how to meet the needs and wants of foreign language learners in Algeria. Two data gathering instruments were used in order to elicit both foreign language learners of different levels of education and occupations and middle school pupils‟ attitudes towards learning foreign languages. That is to say, finding out the languages that are in high demand among Algerians, their reasons, and their methods to learn these languages. These tools included an online questionnaire placed on social media and a classroom interview. After the analysis and discussion of the data, the findings revealed that English, French, and Spanish are in high demand, and Algerian learners study them in order to increase and improve their cultural level and educational or occupational level through watching documentaries, YouTube channels, and using mobile applications, mainly Duolingo mobile application.
No publ. gouv.: M422
Collection(s) :Linguistic Studies

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