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Titre: 2017-2011الشراء الهامشي وإمكانية تطبيقه في بورصة الجزائر - دراسة حالة بورصة الجزائر
Auteur(s): حزاج, سامية
عبد الصدوق, كريمة
Mots-clés: بورصة الجزائر
الشراء الهامشي
Date de publication: 2018
Référence bibliographique: علوم إقتصادية - إقتصاد نقدي وبنكي
Collection/Numéro: 2017/2018;
Résumé: The stock exchange is a means of financing and investment, where it collects the savings of individuals and invest in a basket of different securities by a rational person improves the choice of investment decision suitable for him called investor in order to achieve high returns. In order to take advantage of investment opportunities and not to lose them, the investor may resort to marginal buying, which allows him to provide leverage. He uses loans to finance part of the transaction value, which increases the expected return value and increases investments if the investor's expectations are met.The margin trading mechanism in the stock market also helps small savers invest in securities.
No publ. gouv.: M218107
Collection(s) :Département Des Sciences Economiques

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