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Titre: 2016-2011 واقع وآفاق القطاع الفلاحي بالجزائر - دراسة حالة ولاية المدية
Auteur(s): غليم, عز الدين
ميساوي, محمد
Mots-clés: القطاع الفلاحي
التنمية الريفية
Date de publication: 2018
Référence bibliographique: علوم إقتصادية - إقتصاد نقدي وبنكي
Collection/Numéro: 2017/2018;
Résumé: The sector has been a priority in the economic policies of Algeria since independence through the legislation and legal texts passed by the sector from the stage of self management in 1962 to the restructuring of the sector in the eighties and the most important results and reforms under the 1990/1999 reforms, For Algeria, given the importance of the agricultural sector and its contribution to the gross domestic product and the provision of food needs, it requires attention by providing all necessary resources to support development policies that would develop the sector and raise its productivity through the National Development Plan And in 2000, revive stool role played by the agricultural finance.
No publ. gouv.: M218106
Collection(s) :Département Des Sciences Economiques

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